Hi, I’m Kelly and welcome to Bella Day Photography.  I specialize in affordable high quality wedding and family photography for Utah and surrounding states.

My story
When I got married in 2008, I was surprised how expensive high quality wedding photography was.  Since I’ve always enjoyed doing wedding design and professional photography, I realized this could be a great opportunity for me to combine several of my passions and help couples save some precious money in the process.  So I started Bella Day Photography.

Bella It is of Italian and Latin origin, and its meaning is “beautiful”.
Bella Day Photography
is here to capture eternal memories of your beautiful day.

 Bella Day Photography doesn’t offer different “levels” of service like most photographers.  Why would you settle for “silver” or “bronze” levels of service for the most important day of your life?  I only offer “Platinum” level service and quality and I provide it at most photographer’s “silver” price points.  I don’t have artificial limits to how long I’ll stay at your wedding and/or reception.  I stay until it’s over, after all what if the most priceless moments happen after your photographer has gone home?  I’ll go to as many different locations as you need me to and I don’t charge travel fees anywhere in the intermountain area.  When you hire Bella Day Photography, you hire me for the entire day, I am at your service.

Bella Day Photography doesn’t believe in copyrights, all my photos are released under Creative Commons and you have the right to do whatever you want with them.  After all, you already hired me as your photographer, any photos I take for you are yours.  All packages include a DVD-ROM disc of high res images, I’ll even give you the RAW files if you like.  All of my packages include enhancement of my favorite photos.  I also offer a wide range of print and photo book options. And I offer DVD video highlight reel services to play at your reception.  All my photography is shot on modern digital Canon cameras (including 5D Mark III) and highest quality Canon and Sigma lenses.

To book your wedding day, call me any time: 801-615-0601